Being both an emergency physician at St.Mary’s Hospital for over 25 years and a family physician, Dr. John Rowen is well placed to understand the needs of his patients. His clinical experience and in-depth knowledge of medicine and aesthetics are matched only by his dedication to his patients.

Your visit is an important event in your life; everything is set up to improve the framework and quality of your consultation. XOMed Esthetic offers a calm, relaxed and professional atmosphere so that patients feel at ease exploring the alternative approach to health and aesthetics offered.

XOMed Esthetic remains at the forefront of cosmetic treatments and products in order to be able to offer you the best in the medical-aesthetic field.

Our goals

As Dr. Rowen and his team advocated health and well being, he realized there was a great need for people to feel as good about their appearances as it was to feel healthy. However his vast exposure to surgical procedures led him to seek solutions that were both safe, non-invasive and complimentary to overall wellness!

XOMED ESTHETIC was conceived with a purpose. To provide clients who are seeking a more youthful vitality – the most advanced and proven safe techniques of cosmetic enhancement through safe alternatives to invasive cosmetic procedures. The XOMED ESTHETIC process delivers solutions that address each individuals needs. We invite you to book an appointment for your personal consultation.


We are available to understand your needs, recommend solution and guide your choices.

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