Our Values


The solutions we propose is a holistic approach to health. To feel surrounded, informed, energized and ready to act, any person must make positive steps and adopt a system of living conducive to health of mind and body.

Therefore we are constantly looking for methods and technologies that address the needs of our customers and help beautify the future. Our social commitment is reflected in all aspects of our business: in the products that we advocate in the methods we use, but above all in human relations that we have inside and outside the company.

Customer First

XOMED Esthetic focuses on the client. This means that customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of all our activities. The first step in this direction is primarily to learn what the customer wants and what he needs. This objective requires us to remain at the forefront of both science and technical development.

XOMED Esthetic only delivers excellence in the workplace. We recognize that our approach is capable of changing – and dramatically improving – the quality of life for all our customers.

Our clients know that we are helping to forge a better quality of life. We strive to cultivate a holistic approach that feed their minds as far as their appearance. To grow up as human beings, they must understand that we must adopt a lifestyle, not just change the picture.

The appearance is not merely external, since it reflects what is happening inside. What you’re responsible for yourself, and the essence of what you aspire to become, are basic principles.

Experience The history

XOMED ESTHETIC mission and its attention to, in particular, the client’s need’s has meant that it must not only satisfy customers’ needs but also be able to foresee them, in a framework of continual improvement. By adopting this model XOMED ESTHETIC adopts the guiding principle of continual improvement, proof that this is not just a banal exercise and involves much more than intuition. Being in the business of esthetics means having a complete picture of everything that lies behind an innovative procedure, knowing where things begin and where they end, it means analyzing the clients wants and desires, while adopting a regimen that changes the things, which don’t work.

Appearance is not simply external but internal as well. The core of who you are, as well as the essence of what you want to become lays in the foundation of certain principles.


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