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J’aimerais partager avec vous mon expérience en tant que cliente du Dr. John Rowen depuis quelques années.   J’ai commencé les traitements de botox à 37 ans. Les exigences de ma vie professionnelle et personnelle étaient alors très prenantes. Soudainement l’aspect plus marqué de mon front et de ma glabelle me dérangeait. Je me trouvais l’air vieillie et fatiguée et de fait, je me sentais encore plus fatiguée. C’est à ce moment que j’ai rencontré Dr. Rowen. Et ce fut un effet WOW! Le respect, l’authenticité et la flexibilité du Dr. Rowen font en sorte que sa clientèle sera toujours en confiance, bien desservie et heureuse.  Une mention spéciale pour son assistante, la compétente Isabelle qui l’accompagne depuis plusieurs années (un autre bon signe), qui fait montre d’une belle patience et écoute, et qui mettra tout en œuvre pour vous aider ou répondre à vos questions.

Dearest Dr. Rowen, 
I left your clinic today feeling something extra special in my heart, as a patient, but also as a woman…
It was gratitude, a lot of it. Gratitude for the kind, tactful, professional, gentle and authentic approach you showed me.
Truly, those words cannot express the depth of it, but please know that you did make a difference today in being present and all accepting of me and my condition… I left your office feeling like a pretty woman, in spite of it all.  
Life was very generous and kind to me today in its gift of you as an exceptional doctor.
Please continue taking good care of your unique self.
p.s. Isabelle was very patient and professional as well. A special thank you goes out to her as well.
Be well
Lara / Montreal, QC 

I have a history of vein therapy going back 30 years.  When I was in my mid-thirties, I had surgery on both legs; vein stripping from top to bottom (done at that time at the Queen Elizabeth hospital).  I was fine for a few years but the veins came back little by little. And more and more!  Finally 8 years ago I started injections on a regular basis with some success but not as much as I had hoped.  When my doctor took a sabbatical, I went to Dr. Emond, surgeon, for consultation.  (I was once on his list for another surgery).  He recommended me to Dr. Rowen.  I must say that I was rather shy and embarrassed to go to a male doctor with my awful-looking varicose veins.  I was certain that I must have been on the top of his list of patients with a lot of bulging, ugly veins.  I think Dr. Rowen is very thorough and patient –he and his assistant totally professional.  I am so glad to be under his care. It is now a little over one year that Dr. Rowen has been treating my varicose veins and the improvement is greatly noticeable.  I even wore shorts this summer and my family commented on the noticeable difference!  That makes me feel really good and very glad that I continued with the treatments. Thanks Dr. Rowen!
JL / Kirkland, QC

Loooooooove him!!! From veins to cheeks and everything in between. He is patient, kind and very good at everything he does!
F.P. / Montreal, QC

I had Botox for my forehead and eyes, and fillers to lift the sides of my face. Dr. Rowen did a fantastic job, with minimal pain and results are already noticeable. His staff is attentive and polite, and his assistant is a dream, she is professional and sweet makes you feel so comfortable, her smiling face is a welcoming change when you walk into XO Med’s office. I will be booking all my future procedures with Dr. Rowen

Overall, very satisfied with the service I’ve received for varicose vein treatment. Dr. Rowen seems very passionate and genuine and I’m very pleased with my results. His staff is very polite and friendly as well.

Dr.Rowen knows what he is talking about! He is very nice and explains it all! I love the fact that he uses an ultrasound and explains looking at the ultrasound the issue of the veins! … the assistant is so helpful and always ready to help! Dr. Rowen … impressive! I would recommend him!!!

Dr. Rowen was amazing, I’m so happy I was able to see him! Excellent staff and excellent service!

Dr. Rowen is great! He took the time to listen to what I wanted, and is just amazing at what he does! …

My experience with Dr. Rowen has been outstanding! His professionalism, and Insight into my concerns have been addressed with sincerity, clarity and his ability along with his assistant have made my experience a great one! Thank you

I have recently received treatments including Botox and fillers referred by a friend. His professionalism including his assistant was outstanding including my results. I would recommend Dr. Rowen without any hesitation! Thank you!
A. D.

Dr Rowen is very professional. He always explains what he will do before each treatment like it was the first time. I’m very happy with the results. His many years of experience and devotion make him the best.
L. Lalonde

I have been treated for over 6 years by Dr. Rowen for Botox, fillers, sculptra. I am extremely happy with his results, and his overall approach. He makes me look very natural and honestly I wouldn’t even attempt to see another physician!!! He is passionate and focused to his work and patients and I have always received optimal results. His personal assistant … is fantastic!, and they always make me feel comfortable and take the time to explain the procedures or any queries that I may have. I commend them both on their professionalism! Just prior to posting this, I read someone’s very negative recent review, ” anonymous” , it’s a shame the reviewer or patient didn’t reveal their identity ?, anyhow, my experiences with dr. Rowen and his ass’t have been quite contrary to the reality that I have known. I have referred my friends over the past years,, and they continue to be Dr. Rowan’s patients, he must be doing something RIGHT!! Keep up the great work!
L. Cloutier

I’ve been Dr. John Rowen’s patient for several years. He is an outstanding physician, extremely professional, covers all bases, gives careful explanations and is very accommodating. He is very attentive to his patient’s needs and inquiries; he always does his best in the interest of the patient and he’s very realistic and punctual. He has a beautiful bedside manner, a true gentleman and very respectful of his patients. He knows his stuff and truly cares for his patients!!! His support staff is very professional, welcoming and puts every patient at ease; they have followed up with me after every appointment to ensure that I was fine… the office is exceptionally clean! I would not hesitate to refer him!
Linda St-Denis

Great doctor and a very friendly staff! Have been seeing him for ~2years and I am very satisfied with my lip filler results. He makes sure my lips look natural and not overdone. Is sensitive to my needs and very friendly!

I see him since one year and I can highly recommend him for Botox/Filler treatments. Since he also works in the emergency room I feel in very safe hands.

I went to see Dr. Rowen for Botox and fillers, and my results are amazing but also subtle and natural, I’m happy that he took the time to explain why he was putting the product where he was, and made sure I understood each step of the procedure, his staff was kind and welcoming, and I’m really happy with their attentiveness! I’ve already booked my next appointment for my laser treatment so I can have glowing skin to go along with my new, younger look! I also did radiesse for my hands, and they look so amazing! Dr. Rowen will be recommended to all of my friends and family who are looking for a positive change in their appearance!

I’ve been to many cosmetic doctors, and I’ve never left feeling so wonderful, not only did the doctor sit and listen to me, but his staff were just as attentive and caring! Dr Rowen is a true miracle worker and I couldn’t be any happier with time results!

I recently had a fractional laser treatment done at the clinic and I adored the staff. They were knowledgeable and explained the treatment from start to finish. Stephanie, also explained how to care for my skin for the following days. And that if there was any issue or questions I had to feel free and contact her. Dr. Rowen, has created a wonderful staff , as well as a calming atmosphere. I was over joyed with the way my skin turned out it was positively glowing and I have since been raving about it! So thank you all so very much. I look forward to my next treatment.

I went to this clinic for my laser treatment and I am so happy with the results! It was recommended to me by a friend and I’m so happy I took her advice! My skin has never looked better and I the skin care expert was even able to help me build a skin care routine that’s been working miracles! I’ve never been happy with my skin or complexion and for the first time in my life I don’t feel like I need to hide face when I go out in public! My life has literally been changed!

I went here for my botox and fillers, dr rowen is an amazing dr! i look so great, everyone keeps complimenting me! his staff is so kind and helpful, and i felt really comfortable the whole time. i would recommend dr rowen to everyone!!!!!

Only one treatment and my skin is already soft, clear and even. I will definitely go back! The service was great too. Very nice and respectful staff.
Tarah, Montreal

Dr Rowen inspire confiance et a beaucoup d’année d’esperience. Il travail bien et il prend le temps d’écouter nos besoins. Les lieux sont propres et bien éclairé.
Jessy, Rosemere

Très belle équipe. Le Dr John Rowen est très professionnel et sympathique.
Etienne, Montreal


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